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Here’s our contact info:


CHEYENNE WY 82001-5007


Feel free to call us ANY TIME!
You’ll get a live person if you dial during our business hours. If we’re currently on the phone with another customer, we’ll return your call the same day.

+1 916 318 0064

We’re open Monday-Friday, 9:00AM-5:00PM PST


International customer tip:
Use Skype or a cheap VOIP service to save on call costs!

If you can’t find the answers you need and don’t want to call, fill out the form at the bottom.

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Where do you ship from?

The United States of America (USA)! Your package will be mailed from our commercial fulfillment center, which ensures top-quality packaging and consistent shipping times.

How long does shipping take?

If your order items are in-stock,
your order will be shipped within 2 business days of successful payment. Shipping time will vary for out-of-stock and back-ordered items.Feel free to reach out to us if your order hasn’t shipped and you need an update!

How do I know if my order was shipped? Can I see my tracking number?

Your order will be marked “complete” and will be assigned tracking number(s). If you didn’t get the email, you can always check your order status in your account [here]

Does EA charge any additional fees for international customers?

EA does NOT charge any additional fees (Cash on Delivery etc). International customers may be charged import duty by their country’s CUSTOMS department. Import charges may be steep (we’ve seen up to 35%!!!), so research your country’s import limits before ordering.

What's the risk of ordering your products internationally?

Of the 140+ countries we ship to, each has different regulations on what can be brought in from the outside. Your package may be seized if it does not comply with import regulations, or it may be seized if it’s 100% legal, but you live in a country with a high rate of corruption in the customs department. PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE ORDERING!


My order says Pending Payment Validation? What is this?

If you paid with a credit card, please accommodate a couple of business days for us to validate your payment, as this is an OFFLINE method. (Online credit card processing is NOT a stable/consistent option in our particular industry). Once your card has been charged, your order will update from “Pending Payment Validation” to “Processing” in preparation for shipping. Once your order has shipped, it will be marked “complete”.

Can you save my card information for future purchases?

No – Sorry! For your protection and ours, all card information is erased from our servers after payment is processed.

What Card Types do you accept?

We accept both credit and debit cards bearing the VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER and AMERICAN EXPRESS logo.

Who does your credit card processing? What will appear on my CC statement?

Buying a gift for your partner and don’t want them knowing it? Your order charge will show up discreetly on your billing statement under the name of one of our partner organizations. Please check your email confirmation for more information.



This one is specific to bitcoin orders. We set your order to pending in order to give you time to complete payment. Once your payment is confirmed on the blockchain, your order status will be advanced to PROCESSING.


Your order is currently pending us running your card information through our processor. Please allow up to two business days for this process to complete.


Congratulations! Your payment was received in-full, and your order will forward into our fulfillment center for packaging .


Our fulfillment center is currently boxing up your order! Orders may stay in this status for a while depending on stock, back-ordered products, and business hours.


Your package is on its way! If the tracking email went to spam, you can always check on our website under your account section [here].


Your credit card was declined and we reached out to you, but haven’t heard anything back yet. Orders in this status will be eventually canceled. If you don’t want the order, there’s nothing else you need to do as it will auto-expire.


Your credit card payment was declined by our merchant. Please re-check your billing information or try a different card.


Your order has been canceled. If you feel this is in error please contact us below.


Your payment has been refunded for this order and is now effectively cancelled. If you wish to order again please make a new order.


When is the EUROPEAN site coming back?

We cannot answer at this time.
If and when the site comes back online, you will be notified by email and social media and most likely the front page of this website.


What should I buy? I need some cycle advice!

Our staff aren’t able to reply to most inquiries on product use. The most efficient, easiest, and reliable method of getting this information is to join our community and ask around!

Many knowledgeable members can help you get sorted fast!

Did you remove some products? When will product XX be back?

Yes. Due to potential legal ramifications, we are no longer selling certain products. If a product is still listed on our site but is out-of-stock, rest assured we still sell it, but we cannot give you an ETA on restocking (if we have an ETA, we will list it on the individual product page). Please do not contact us regarding restocking ETAs – there are many steps in our supply chain and any rough guesstimate on our part would be just that, and we’d hate to disappoint!


Common errors we see with bitcoin payments

Bitcoin is a relatively new technology to most, and there are a few ways to mess up along the way. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help you through it! Here are some of our most frequently encountered errors:

  1. You don’t have a bitcoin wallet yet.
    You’ll definitely want to get a bitcoin wallet set up and loaded with some bitcoin before attempting to check out, since you do have a time limit to complete payment.
  2. You use a 3rd party service to handle the transaction for you.
    These services, often known as “brokers” or “traders” will skim a percentage off the top of your payment. This isn’t good because without full payment your order will fail. If you MUST use a trader, have them send the bitcoin to YOUR WALLET first, then you can make direct and fast payment.
  3. You don’t send a reasonable mining fee.
    This confuses a lot of people. Bitcoin payments sent with lower or zero fees take much longer to confirm on the blockchain, especially during periods of time when miner activity, aka “hash rate” is lower. Most wallets will suggest a fee for you, but if yours doesn’t, read more on the bottom of the page [here] to learn about these fees.
  4. You pay the incorrect amount of bitcoin.
    At the checkout screen, you need to make sure that the exact amount of BTC shown on the screen makes it to our wallet. We’ve already done the USD<>BTC conversion for you, and we’re checking the blockchain for that exact number, i.e. 0.08322BTC. If our store sees something different, then an exception is thrown and we have to deal with it manually. Two reasons this can happen:

    1. Your bitcoin wallet / service / broker / trader deducts a “fee” for the service, delivering less BTC to us.
    2. You type the payment into your wallet using the USD dollar total and have your wallet convert it. Because exchange rate is volatile, and there are different exchanges, the amount will most likely never match.

    …in summary, avoid brokers, and copy/paste the BTC amount directly into your own wallet for payment.

  5. Something broke on our end
    Yup! Very rare, but it happens sometimes. Not to worry, bitcoin doesn’t get lost. We give each order a unique address to send bitcoin to, so no two customers will send to any one address. If you’re certain you paid bitcoin, send us the address you sent payment to and exact amount sent. We’ll check it and get it sorted for you!
What is Bitcoin?

That’s a long story! Bitcoin is just the beginning of a new era of currency. We support cryptocurrency 100%, and are actively looking to support more types of crypto going forward. Will update this post with more later.

I sent my payment but the store didn't update my order status. Help!

No problem! Send us the exact amount you sent in BTC, the address you sent TO, as well as the address you sent it FROM (check your bitcoin wallet for this information), and we’ll get you sorted.

Bitcoin refund policy

Bitcoin payment refunds will be according to the CURRENT BTC<>USD exchange rate at the time the refund is processed. This means you will receive a different amount of bitcoin back as a refund from what you originally paid. The amount may be more or less than you originally paid depending on the current exchange rate.

We use COINDESK to determine exchange rates for refund. Please understand that this price fluctuates, and is updated each minute.


I'm not getting any emails from your store!

Our store sends emails with a few minutes of your order being placed. If you didn’t get it, please check your junk/spam folder…

…or, are you using Gmail? 99.99% chance it’s in the UPDATES folder. Sorry we missed your inbox — Thanks Google!


Do you offer discounts? How do I get a coupon code?

Absolutely! You’ll need a coupon code. We mail these out with our products, and routinely send them out in our newsletters (hint: subscribe!). Our affiliates on social media / YouTube also offer really good discount codes.